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a Rookie's obsession

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Valkrys' journal for all my graphic adventures with gimp. Mostly icons and some banners.

To stay updated on the journal please friend.

Dedicated to the hottness of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Expect drooling. You've been warned.

credits to JRAunlimited.com


All graphics posted here made by myself unless stated otherwise
Banner made by myself, picture credit to http://www.supernatural-media.net
Credits for caps used are always stated in the respective post
Most caps though are either from the wonderful justfreefallin, please visit her community at extreme_graphix
or from the quickest capper I know marishna
Love bar pictures from http://www.jraunlimited.com
Brushes from
- apricot_13
- cosmo_mouse
- d00bie @ http://d00bie.deviantart.com
- ephedrina @ http://ephedrina-stock.deviantart.com
- lady victoire @ http://ladyvictoire.deviantart.com
- Sha @ sha@blistered.org
- Sid @ http://passivepilgrim.com
- Sunira @ http://sunira.net
- thispicture @ http://thispicture.deviantart.com
- xmedicatedxdrama @ http://xmedicatedxdrama.deviantart.com
- daffepaf @ http://daffepaf.deviantart.com
- duckie16 @ http://duckie16.deviantart.com
- isidora @ http://isidora.deviantart.com
- Melfina @ http://celestial-star.net
- redheadstock @ http://redheadstock.deviantart.com
- Scully7491 @ http://Scully7491.deviantart.com
- stockudith @ http://stockudith.deviantart.com
- http://www.damnedinblack.net

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